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Friday, 21 June 2013

Boring boring life...

Aloha Upper East Siders (I really should stop saying that, considering i'm a London girl and all). I am currently writing this post from the confines of my bedroom, more directly, my bed, which i have been in for a solid two days (bar having a shower ect ect ect) running a temperature and a massive back ache :( sad me. Having one day off of school during the term time can be quite nice and refreshing, even if you're ill. That's how yesterday was for me. But today I kind of want to be at school; obviously it's different in the half-terms and summer time because all of your friends are off aswell, but during term time it really sucks! I also look like i've suffered three rounds with Mike Tyson, sporting a very fat lip due to being ill (coldsore) SO this is a very fed up post and i am kind of beginning to realise that i was very right not to make this blog solely about makeup/fashion, because that aspect clearly isn't doing too well, considering I'm now two posts in and not one has had anything to do with that topic! Wise decision made by me I think.

I haven't really worked out how to sign off of these posts yet..
but for now, 


This is basically me at the moment:

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Hello Upper East Siders...Or Londoners in my case..

Okay, so this is like my first post and I have absolutely no idea how this blog is going to end up. Initially I had the typical girlie idea of a makeup/fashion blog, but then I thought knowing me I will start posting random things that have nothing to do with any of that stuff- So here i am with a completely pointless blog about anything and everything.

I never really realised...

just how nerve-wracking writing a blog is, there's something so exciting about the fact that anyone could read this but at the same time it's scary! Posting a blog means people can judge you..and people judging you can not always be a good thing. It's the same feeling that I had when I joined Tumblr and made a blog, I didn't and to this day still haven't revealed my name on Tumblr because my Tumblr signifies some personal aspects of my life (some things i would rather my whole school didn't know!!)
I think I may keep this blog anon aswell...for the time being anyway..

Sleep is calling.